Tävlingsresultat Nordic BJJ Open 2018

I helgen tävlade 15 personer från Gladius BJJ i Nacka på
Nordic BJJ Open 2018 – spring edition 17-18 mars. Resultatet blev finfina 7 guld, 1 silver och 4 brons! Stort grattis!

Instruktör och coach Henri Lindroos (själv dubbelt guld) kommenterade resultaten:
”I dont want to emphasize medals, or outcomes overall, but here is some recognition for those who medalled in this 900+ competitor Nordic Open. Jonathan gold in own weight in both adult and juvenile divisions. Rami gold in his juvenile division. Hosen gold in juvenile. Mohammed gold in adult division. Leo bronze in own and open division. Tawar bronze in own division and silver in open. Linnea bronze in kids.

Kevin, Kawel, Erik, Miquel, Nicole, Julius and Jonah had all strong efforts despite the outcome. And as the medalled individuals know, the now past experience of loss will surely lead to future improvement, if properly reflected and acted upon. There is always a chain of events that can explain what happened and why. From that a plan of training can be drawn, in how to make changes to allow for a better chance next time.”

Foto: Anders Nilsson

Girls / Orange / 14-15 years / -60 kg
3. Linnea Ahlstrand

Juvenile boys / White / -64 kg (Feather)
1. Hussein Al Berakdar

Juvenile boys / White / -69 kg (Light)
1. Rami Bahsson Sweden

Juvenile boys / White / +89,3 (Ultra heavy)
1. jonathan Khosravani

Men / White / Adult / -64 kg (Light feather)
1. Mohammad Nadiri

Men / White / Adult / -88,3 kg (Medium heavy)
1. jonathan Khosravani

Men / Adult / Blue / -82,3 kg (Middle)
3. Leo Eliasson

Men / Brown / Adult / -94,3 kg (Heavy)
1. Henri Lindroos

Women / White / Adult / -64 kg (Light)
3. Tawar Latif

Open Division / Women / Adult / White
2. Tawar Latif

Open Division / Men / Adult / Blue / +76 kg
3. Leo Eliasson

Open Division / Men / Adult / Brown / Open
1. Henri Lindroos