Mikael Knutsson tog sig till omgång 2 i ADCC finalen

Här är matchreferat:

Mikael Knutsson vs Yukiyasu Ozawa

Knutsson/Ozawa coming up now. Knutsson is like 2 feet taller than Ozawa. Lol. Knutsson has Ozawa’s back on the ground and has the RNC fast.

Mikael Knutsson vs Leonardo Nogueria

Big Leo Nog vs Knutsson. Big Leo gets a takedown into half. Big Leo looking to beast the pass to his right, as usual. Knutsson trying to push Leo Nog’s head away, but it’s only letting the smash pass work better. Leo Nog is dealing with Knutsson trying to take his back with a firm push of the underhook and careful hip positioning. Leo Nog working his way upwards slowly, but gets shunted back to guard. Leo Nog goes to stand, can’t keep his footing and comes back down. Leo Nog going Tozi pass again. Leo Nog can’t work the Tozi and goes back to regular closed guard. Leo Nogueira to the half guard, Knutsson putting up a mighty fight to keep him from passing. Knutsson tries for a guillotine after standing up, but it fails and Leo Nog uses it to scramble up top and into side control. Knutsson trying to recover guard. Leo Nog firmly in side control. Looking for mount. Leo Nog loses the side control and they go to the feet and clinch. Time elapses and Leo Nog wins on points. Knutsson did much better than expected.

Trots förlust har Mikael Knutsson visat att han hör hemma på den absoluta världsnivån. Grattis!