Miniintervju med Kenneth Rosfort

Gladius: Why did you decide to come to train with us?

Kenneth: I came to Gladius because the training is great, and the mma knowledge there is outstanding.

Gladius: What did you think about the training, consiering structure, drills

and tempo?

Kenneth: The drills where great, and i really liked the way the training was structured.

Gladius: Any drill you in praticular liked?

Kenneth: I really liked the padwork on the ground, and the 3x5min weight/cardio drill was a good one:)

Gladius: What did you think about the premises and gear (pads etc)

Kenneth: The Fighter Center has everything you need for mma training, and the gear was in good condition.

Gladius: How did you experiance the atmosspere at Gladius MMA during your stay?

Kenneth: The atmosphere at the gym is great, and everybody seems too have a good time while training.

Gladius: Would you consider to come back for more training?

Kenneth: I will be back, no doubt about it:)

Gladius: Anything you like to add?

Kenneth: I just want to thank the Glaudius MMA team for a great week of training, and I am looking forward to come back.

Gladius önskar Kenneth lycka till på lördag och ser honom gärna tillbaka hos oss i framtiden!