Week 8 Diary from Mark Lajhner

08.05.2006. Monday

What a beautiful day! Sun was shining, everything was blooming and the life cycle was repeating itself.

I decided to rest and use this day to walk around Gothenburg.

09.05 – 11.05 Tuesday – Thursday

Training as usual.

12.05.2006. Friday

Martin Janson, Ingrid Ekenberg, Örjan and Anton (two guys from Martin’s academy in Stenungsund) and I went to Helsingborg for a BJJ competition (Kaisho Cup).

We visited Kaisho academy and Martin held training for the kids there. The academy looked great.

We settled in a hostel and rested for the tomorrow’s competition.

13.05.2006. Saturday

Ingrid won a bronze medal in the white belt division (-64kg), Martin won the gold medal in the purple belt – absolute division and I won one and lost one(won by armbar and lost on points) in the 88 kg for blue belts and took the silver in the blue belt – absolute division. I had 6 fights (2 in 88 kg and 4 in absolute).

In the 88 kg for blue belts I lost my second fight on points and after seeing Martin fight smart (not taking unnecessary risks and wining on points) I decided to fight more conservatively in the absolute division.

That paid off and I got into the finals by throwing (that scored me points) and stalling in the opponent’s guards. I might have been able to finish some of the guys i fought but didn’t want to risk it. In the finals I got caught in the armbar by Johnny Larsson from Kaisho.

The organization of the tournament was generally good but although interlocking puzzle mats is too hard and I prefer Judo mats. For me that are used to Judo competitions the weigh in procedure was a bit strange but it is the same for everyone.

Many people that applied for the absolute divisions left before the absolutes begun because the competition lasted so long and they decided they had enough. I think that were unfortunate and I never seen that kind of behavior in Judo competitions.

After the competition we had a few beers and relaxed. Helsingborg is very beautiful and I would like to visit it again and take my time exploring it.

14.05.2006. Sunday

Sunday was reserved for white belts and black (put together with brown) belts.

The black belt division consisted of 4 guys from Edson Carvalho team, Leo Neves and a guy that is not familiar to me.

The guys from Edson Carvalho team didn’t want to fight each other so Bruno Carvalho advanced to the final without fighting. On the other hand Leo Neves defeated 2 guys from Edson Carvalho team and in the final lost to Bruno who choked him out. In the previous fights Leo showed high degree of skill and won one fight on points and the other by submission (choke).

When the competition ended we returned to Gothenburg.