Week 7 Diary from Mark Lajhner

01.05. – 03.05. From Monday to Wednesday

We spent those 3 days training for the competition.

04.05.2006. Thursday

Elina Nilsson, August Wallén, Samingnum, Marko Ervasti, Dalibor Petrovic, Alexander Proder and I traveled to Stockholm with a mini van. After a 5 hour trip we settled in a Park Inn hotel in Solna.

Hotel was great and most of us had to watch what and how much we ate because we had to make weight for the competition.

05.06.2006. Friday

15.00 Light training

We had a light training in the Fighter Centre in Stockholm and a weigh-in afterwards.

After that we indulged in large quantities of food.

06.05.2006. Saturday

The fight day

Cage challenge started around 15.00 and Alexander Proder won by G’N’P. It was his first fight and he did well.

Dalibor Petrovic was not so fortunate. He dominated the first round and his shoulder popped in the beginning of the second round when he attempted a double leg takedown. It’s an old injury that needs to be addressed properly.

I defeated Per Andersson with a heel hook in 2:55 of the first round but wasn’t completely satisfied with my performance.

It took me more time to get the throw than it usually takes me and I was beginning to gas as fight progressed. I think the problem is in incorrect breathing. I tend to stop breathing in some situations which of course leads to quick exhaustion.

I will work hard to improve that.

EVT started around 18.00 and there were some good fights.

I was impressed with the stand up skills of 2 French guys who scored TKO victories.

Elina fought the Dutch girl and dominated the entire time (even when she was on the back) but got caught in the armbar.

She showed class when she exited the cage by smiling and waving to the audience even though she lost the fight.

Kristian Lexell lost the fight because of an injury. His shoulder also popped.

Åke Bergvall and Kenneth Rosfort won their fights by decision.

The 2 best fights were Matti Mäkela VS Thomas Valentin and August Wallén VS Paulo Boiko.

I thought Thomas Valentin was going to win because he has all the tools. His ground game and wrestling are good and his boxing is excellent.

That was a back and forth battle and Matti Mäkela miraculously escaped a few submission attempts of Thomas Valentin.

It ended in the third round by knees. I think Thomas should have used his superior boxing skills and G’N’P more, not just wrestling and submissions.

August and Paulo Boiko had a great fight too.

In the first round August was a little better but in the break looked more tired than his opponent.

The second round was Boiko’s but he looked very tired in the break before the last round and sat on the floor. When August saw that he immediately got up and gave the Brazilian a “madman’s” look and got the mental advantage. And in the third round August went for it and choked the Brazilian.

It was a great victory for August and Shooters MMA.

Martin Janson was coach for this competition and his cornering was very good.

07.05.2006. Sunday

We got back to Gothenburg.