Week 6 Diary from Mark Lajhner

Mark is a former national judo player in Serbia. The pictues are taken from Stenungssunds Kampsportsakademi webpage. See a report in swedish there.

24.04.2006. Monday

I rested the entire day.

25.04.2006. Tuesday

This is the first day of training after the flu.

I was very surprised to find out that I lost 4 kilograms because of the flu. From 87 kg I went to 83 kg. And most of it was from muscle tissue.

I opted for light weight training. I just did a few sets of exercises that cover all the major muscle groups and I didn’t go very heavy.

26.04.2006. Wednesday

17.00 SW

I went to SW class and felt good doing the sparring.

I will gradually increase the intensity of training.

27.04.2006. Thursday

17.00 MMA

I decided it was time to return to the MMA class which is the hardest of all the classes.

It went pretty well for me and August spared us from doing plate and dumbbell conditioning exercises and that was fine with me since I wasn’t ready for that yet.

28.04.2006. Friday

15.30 Running and weightlifting

We did the usual running and weightlifting routine. Kenneth Rosfort from Denmark and Tony Davis from the UK came to train for a few days with us.

17.00 SW

Martin had us do knee on belly routine from one of the previous classes.

I felt I was getting more feeling for the knee on belly and the attacks from the mount which we also covered.

29.04.2006. Saturday

Martin Janson took me to Stenungsund (where he has a BJJ academy) to do a Judo seminar.

It was my first seminar and it consisted of two 2 hour sessions with a 1.5 hour break in between.

I showed the basics of Judo and I think the people liked the seminar.

I was especially pleased with some girls who caught up pretty fast.

30.04. 2006. Sunday

10.00 MMA

There were not many people present but we had a good training anyway.

Martin Janson helped us prepare for the upcoming competition and he will be the coach.

He mostly worked with Kenneth Rosfort by sparring with him in a cage and helping him with his ground game.

I sparred with August and got dominated and submitted again but this time I felt that my game has improved.

I also did some light boxing with Hamid Corassani and he and Besam Josef helped me improve my boxing.

17.00 MMA

In the MMA class we did the usual: we rolled, did the technical part, the conditioning part and G’N’P with full power.

After the training Dalibor Petrovic, August Wallén, Martin Janson, Tony Davis and me went to a Thai restaurant in the centre.