Week 5 Diary from Mark Lajhner

17.06.2006 Monday

I moved to Andreas Bruzelius’ apartment.

15.30 Running, weightlifting and SW

After I finished running and weightlifting routine I continued on to SW.

There were only a few people present so I asked Martin to show me the leg lock drill.

He did and to my satisfaction we drilled leg lock positioning the entire practice.

After SW Mattias Jansson gave me a massage and it felt very relaxing.

18.06.2006 Tuesday

I got sick during the night and in the morning i went to the clinic. I waited for 40 minutes before they scheduled me an appointment. They told me to come back in 3 hours.

I went back to the apartment and tried to sleep for 2 hours and when the time came to go back I just couldn’t. I was too weak.

I phoned August and he asked Marko Ervasti to drive me to the clinic which he did.

I the clinic I waited for additional 2 hours before it was my cue. The doctor told me that I probably have the flu and that I have to rest 4-7 days and take some medicine that will alleviate the symptoms.

I was felling so bad that I thought I was going to die.

The flu came at the really bad time since I’m suppose to do to Denmark the next day for the MMA instructor’s course. And I’ve got the fight coming up (06.05. Cage Challenge 6) so I should be training hard and not lying in bed with a fever. Damn!

I think I got sick because of overtraining and lack of sleep. I haven’t had one good night of sleep since I arrived in Gothenburg. I usually sleep bad but sleeping on floors and constantly switching the rooms made it especially bad.

And I didn’t want to hear August say: ”Mark, I train more than you” so I trained even when my body was begging me to stop. Now I’m paying the price of my stubbornness.

Now that I have a place of my own sleeping should improve.

19.04.2006 Wednesday

I spent the entire day in bed feeling very sick and exhausted.

20.04.2006 Thursday

I felt better so I decided to go to the pharmacy in Järntorget and to the internet cafe near the Fighter Center. That was a bad decision because the walking and 3.5 hours of staring at the CRT screen made my fever come back in the evening.

21.04. 22.04. 23.04. 2006. Friday, Saturday, Sunday

My condition is improving with each day.