Week 2 Diary from Mark Lajhner

Week 2

Monday 27.03.2006.

17.00. SW

In the first 30 minutes we warmed up and I rolled with Jens Östling. After that Alexander Proder showed us a few stand up techniques as well as some ground ones. We repeated a few escapes we did in MMA class the day before and I was glad to do so because practice makes perfect…We finished the practice with sparring.

19.30. Muay Thai

The SW class was finished at 19.00 so I had 30 minutes before Muay Thai class began. I used that time to drink a carb drink, eat a protein bar and stretch lightly. I asked Samingum if I could skip the warm up (because I was already warmed up) and he agreed.

When the practice of technique begun I joined in.

After that we did a few rounds of boxing and Muay Thai sparring. I constantly have to remind myself to keep my chin down, clench my teeth together and breathe through the nose when engaged in the exchange of blows. All these bad habits could cost me in an MMA match so I will work hard to correct them.

Tuesday 28.03.2006.

17.00 MMA

I should have gone to the morning Muay Thai class but I was too exhausted.

Some of the people got sick and couldn’t come to the training but there were more than enough people to train with. We did some switches from boxing to takedowns and takedown defense. Then came the takedowns of the cage with follow ups and G’N’P to the pads. The atmosphere in training is very good and everybody has been very friendly to me. They correct me when necessary and I appreciate that very much.

Than came two 5 minute rounds of hurdle jumping, dummy throws, partner throws and getting up from the knees with partner on your back. I found that exercise easier than the one with dumbbells and plates. I think that’s probably because I’ve been throwing and lifting people all my life and the break in between is longer.

Wednesday 29.03.2006.

17.00. SW with Martin Janson

I asked Martin to show me some guard passes because I feel that is the area I’m not very good at. My usual answer for a person in guard is a heel hook but it doesn’t always work that way, so I need to learn guard passes. Later on we did some leg locks and arm locks which we drilled with numerous repetitions. And that is the only way to ingrain technique.

19.30. Beginners Muay Thai with Yoav Dan

After the SW class I rested and stretched for 30 minutes and than went on to Muay Thai class. We did some basic moves and the training wasn’t very intense since it is a beginners group. That was fine with me since I already had SW.

Thursday 30.03.2006.

11.00. Boxing with Stig Storm

My concentration wasn’t at its best during this class. I didn’t sleep very well last night since I slept on the floor.

I’m sharing a single room with a friend of mine and I’ll soon make some calls to try to find a room or a small flat for rent. It’s very nice of him for wanting to share his room with me but the place is just too small for the two of us.

17.00. MMA

As always the first 30 minutes were reserved for warm up with rolling.

After that August demonstrated clinch fighting which we drilled for a long time.

Clinch fighting consisted of strategies used by Chute Boxe and Randy Couture. Knees from a Thai clinch are Chute Boxes’ preference, and wrestling tie ups and dirty boxing are Couture’s.

Last but not least came the strength endurance exercises and G’N’P with full power.

Friday 31.03.2006.

17.00. SW

I skipped the morning Muay Thai class and only did SW in the afternoon. I did that because we will not have Saturday off as we usually do. We will have a no gi seminar on Saturday so I wanted to be rested.

Dalibor Petrovic was a substitute coach since Martin Janson couldn’t make it.

We practiced some takedowns, submissions and guard passes and rolled afterwards.

Saturday 01.04.2006.

10.00. No gi seminar with Bruno Carvalho

Bruno Carvalho is a 24 year old Judo and BJJ black belt. He also competes in SW and MMA.

In the first part of the seminar which lasted until 12.00 we drilled some ground techniques. He showed some techniques I really wanted to know (like from knee on belly to arm lock transition).

Than we had a lunch break and the seminar continued at 13.30.

As the seminar continued we drilled more ground techniques and after that we could ask questions.

I asked him which throwing techniques from Judo he uses in SW and MMA. He showed 4 of them and I was not completely convinced all of them would work in MMA. We finished around 17.00 and we spent five and a half hours on the mat in total. It was a good seminar.

Sunday 02.04.2006.

17.00 MMA

At the beginning of the class August and Elina showed how to properly work with the pads for G’N’P. After that we did some closing the distance drills and clinch tactics which we later combined. At the end of the class we did conditioning and G’N’P.