Stenungssund BJJ Open II

Date: 2007-11-17

Stadium: Sundahallen

City: Stenungssund

Country: Sweden

Contact: Martin Janson


Entryfee: Fighters fee: Juniors/150 SEK Seniors/250 SEK

The event takes place during two days (17th-18th of November) and is open both for juniors and seniors.

Last application date is on the 9th of November.

Weightclasses (weigh-in with kimono):

-57,5 kg
-64 kg
-70 kg
-76 kg
-82,3 kg
-88,3 kg
-94,3 kg
-100,5 kg
+100,5 kg

Female (weigh-in with kimono):
-53,5 kg
-58,5 kg
-64 kg
-69 kg
+69 kg

Time schedule:


09.00-09.45 Registration juniors
10.00 First fight juniors
11.30-12.30 Registration seniors (coloured belts male and female)
13.00 First fight seniors (coloured belts male and female)

09.00-09.45 Registration whitebelts (male and female)
10.00 First fight whitebelts (male and female)