Week 3 Diary from Mark Lajhner

03.04.2006. Monday

15.30. Running and weightlifting

Since we will have a competition in May August taught it was time to start running and weightlifting. The plan is to start slow and light and increase intensity gradually.

We ran up the hill 10m times and walked back. Then we did some kettlebell exercises. This is my first time doing them and i found them interesting. After kettlebells we did cleans, squats, squats with jumps, bench presses and dips.

I helped August correct his clean technique. I have been doing Olympic lifts for a long time and I’m good at them. They are not as easy to learn as for example bench press.

After weight training we rolled for half an hour.

04.04.2006. Tuesday

10.00. Private Judo class with Martin Janson

Martin wanted me to teach him stand up Judo and I was happy to do so. Besides SW he also competes in BJJ so Judo training will be beneficial to him.

We started with the basics and I noticed that he is a talented guy and he is learning fast.

I told him not to worry if he finds Judo hard to learn. In my opinion Judo (throws) is the hardest to learn of all martial arts. It is not the most effective in MMA but it requires the most complicated motor skills. Throws are hardest to learn, then striking and the easiest to learn is ground fighting.

11.00. Muay Thai

I didn’t get much sleep last night so I wasn’t in the mood for training. Nevertheless I went to Muay Thai class but couldn’t wait for it to end so I could go home and sleep.

17.00. MMA

I slept after lunch and felt much better. I was ready to train full power again.

I’m able to do any kind of hard training as long as I get enough sleep and eat right. If not I break down after a while. I’m not surprised that some torture methods include sleep deprivation. Most Special Forces include sleep deprivation with physical exertion in their training. I wonder if I would be tough enough to go through it?

The class consisted of practicing takedowns from boxing with follow ups and takedowns of the cage. And of course the conditioning part.

05.04.2006. Wednesday

15.30. Running and weightlifting

Elina Nilsson, Dalibor Petrovic, August and I got together for a running and weightlifting session. We ran up the hill 10 times and walked back. This time a few of these runs were a little more intense. After that we started weight training.

We warmed up with kettlebells and I improved my technique a bit. Clean and clean and jerk came next and I explained proper technique to Elina and Dalibor.

It was their first time and August’s second time doing Olympic lifts and I was pleasantly surprised seeing them learn new moves fast.

Then we did squats and squats with jumps. Then they did dead lifts which I avoided because I think they make me stiff. I sometimes do dead lifts but not four and a half weeks before a fight.

17.00. SW

After weightlifting we proceeded to SW class. Martin Janson was very kind to devote the class to guard passes which I don’t do very well. He explained a few guard passes and I’m under the impression that he is a very good teacher.

06.04.2006. Thursday

17.00. MMA

I should have gone to boxing class in the morning but I needed to catch up on some sleep. I also had a nap in the afternoon so I was invigorated for the MMA class. There we did a little bit of everything. We did boxing, boxing with clinch fighting, some sweeps, and escapes from the bottom and finally rolled with punches involved.

I practiced boxing and clinch fighting with August and got to see how good he is at that department. He used his knees and punches with just enough force to shock me and stimulate me to defend and attack properly but not to hurt me.

I also rolled with him on the ground with punches involved where I experienced discomfort because he was all over me. But that’s what I need, what I came for and what will make me a better fighter.

07.04.2006. Friday

10.00. Judo class with Martin Janson

Martin and I met again for the Judo class which lasted approximately one hour.

After that I rested the entire day because we have a sparring camp for the weekend and I need to be rested for it.

08.04.2006. Saturday

Sparring camp – Day 1

10.00 – 12.00 Rolling

In the first 2 hours we just rolled. Two Scottish guys came for the sparring camp and a lot of guys from allover Sweden. It was interesting to roll with guys of all shapes and sizes and of different skill levels. I’m starting to develop “the sprawling attitude” as Martin Janson puts it. It means I’m starting to use some guard passes and ground controls which are dependant on good sprawling.

12.00 – 13.30 Rest

13.30 – 15.30 Striking

The second part of sparring camp consisted of striking sparring. Some guys only boxed, but most of us combined punches with kicks. We also did clinch fighting and takedowns here and there.

All of the guys were very friendly and were helping me a lot by correcting me when needed.

My main concern is that I keep my chin high and guard low. I’m trying hard to correct that.

09.04.2006. Sunday

Sparring camp – Day 2

10.00 – 12.30 Rolling and G’N’P to the pads

The practice consisted of mostly rolling. I could feel the effects of the previous day because I was getting tired more quickly than usual. We also did G’N’P to the pads and August explained the proper technique.

12.30 – 13.45 Rest

13.45 – 15.45 Sparring in the cage

We did a few rounds of rolling with light punches and then it was time to get into the cage.

August was a referee and each pair fought for 5 minutes. We were careful not to hit hard but everything else was realistic. In my fight I wasn’t completely satisfied although I dominated the entire time and got the armbar. I was very tired at the end and was lowering guard many times. I also could have tried more things on the ground. I was too tired to go into the cage for the second time.

Everyone did well and it was a good camp. Next weekend we will have a sparring camp again.

The rest of the day as well as Monday will be devoted to sleeping and eating.